CLEVELAND (WJW) – Ohio City’s historic Franklin Castle, thought to be one of the most haunted houses in Ohio, is opening its doors for brave visitors to spend the night.

On Christmas Eve, the Franklin Castle Facebook page announced that

The $3.36 million construction project began in May. The bridge will reopen to the public on Friday, Dec. 16.

SPOKANE, Wash. — After seven months of renovations, the pedestrian bridge connecting the University District with downtown Spokane is wrapping up.

mark curry video


Mark Curry and the employee identified as John Cramm.

Mark Curry is an actor/comedian who says he was racially profiled in an incident at the Mining Exchange Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which he captured in a viral video.

Whether you are using this low half-up back-to-school hairstyle for your kids or yourself doesn’t matter. We just know that it is easy to create and beautiful. A version of a low ponytail, but more of a half-up and half-down

With this easy snowman pinecone ornament, you can create a festive decoration for your home that will last all winter! Of course, this is ideal for Christmas, but a snowman is a winter theme that can add to your décor

SmartAsset: Best Way to Invest $100k Short Term

SmartAsset: Best Way to Invest $100k Short Term

Whether you’re saving for a down payment, renovation or upcoming nuptials, you might be looking for a place to park your cash until you need it. Short-term investments might not offer big

Montville — Seven years ago, Saint Bernard School alumna Maureen Donohue Hendricks visited her old high school and found herself unsatisfied by what she saw.

Hendricks is a successful and wealthy graduate who, Saint Bernard School Headmaster Donald Macrino noted,

Earlier this year I came across a beautiful block print tablecloth that I immediately fell in love with. The price point was a little high so I tucked the idea away in my head thinking it would be a fun