Looking for a unique way to display your family photos? Check out our cutting board craft picture “frame”! This one-of-a-kind frame is made from a real cutting board and can be personalized with your family name, favorite saying, or special

Looking for a way to get some curls in your hair? This easy beach waves tutorial uses a scarf and the results are beautiful every time. This isn’t a tight curl, but a loose wave that is ideal for any

I have naturally straight hair, but sometimes I just want curls. One of my favorite ways to achieve that is with this method to curl hair with aluminum foil. This is a great way to make curls without having to

When it comes to Christmas, there are a few things that come to mind, and the reindeer is one of them. This wood slice reindeer ornament is a great idea that goes perfectly on your holiday tree. While this isn’t

This wood slice snowman makes a perfect addition to your winter décor. It is a simple decoration made from rustic sliced ​​wood that brings the indoors in a fun and unique way. You can enjoy this decoration year after year

Kosamtu / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Kosamtu / Getty Images/iStockphoto

The kitchen is often the first room people choose to renovate since it’s the center for food preparation and a social hub for entertaining. It’s easy to think in short terms when you are doing a

A waterfall bubble braids hairstyle is an adorable addition to your hair routine. This is ideal for short, medium-length, or long hair. Since it can be adapted to your unique hair easily, it’s a great choice for anyone to wear.

A twisted bun with ribbon is a beautiful way to create a new look for your hair. Messy buns are easy, but this is just as simple and still looks upscale enough to be considered an event updo. Just use

Looking for the cutest nature craft? This adorable pinecone snail is just that. This snail is going to crawl into your decorations and will quickly become the star. So cute, this snail can be a simple craft to do with

Montville — Seven years ago, Saint Bernard School alumna Maureen Donohue Hendricks visited her old high school and found herself unsatisfied by what she saw.

Hendricks is a successful and wealthy graduate who, Saint Bernard School Headmaster Donald Macrino noted,