I have naturally straight hair, but sometimes I just want curls. One of my favorite ways to achieve that is with this method to curl hair with aluminum foil. This is a great way to make curls without having to

Whether you are using this low half-up back-to-school hairstyle for your kids or yourself doesn’t matter. We just know that it is easy to create and beautiful. A version of a low ponytail, but more of a half-up and half-down

This DIY wood slice picture frame is the perfect solution when you are looking for a creative way to show off your family photos. Made using natural wood slices, it’s a beautiful and unique way to display your cherished memories.

With this easy snowman pinecone ornament, you can create a festive decoration for your home that will last all winter! Of course, this is ideal for Christmas, but a snowman is a winter theme that can add to your décor

This wood slice snowman makes a perfect addition to your winter décor. It is a simple decoration made from rustic sliced ​​wood that brings the indoors in a fun and unique way. You can enjoy this decoration year after year

These acorn cap jingle bells are the perfect craft for kids and adults of all ages! They seem to be the ideal way to bring nature inside during the holidays, and while they are cute all by themselves, they are

Vesnaandjic / Getty Images

Vesnaandjic / Getty Images

When it’s time to remodel, many homeowners head to home improvement stores like Lowe’s to buy the supplies they need to complete their home projects. It’s a smart idea, especially since the right projects can put

I grew up in the ear of side ponytails, but this ribbon braided side swept low ponytail is a huge improvement on the ones of my childhood. I love how this look is so simple but looks pulled together and

The perfect kitchen needs two things: form and function. I wanted our kitchen to not only be beautiful but to function well for our family and lifestyle. When I asked my Instagram followers what their must haves were