Looking for a unique way to display your family photos? Check out our cutting board craft picture “frame”! This one-of-a-kind frame is made from a real cutting board and can be personalized with your family name, favorite saying, or special

I love braids, but sometimes they get boring. This stacked braids hairstyle is a lovely choice that makes them look just a bit different. It has a unique Bohemian style to the look, and you only need to know how

Sometimes it is the simplest things when combined that create the most beautiful styles. This low ponytail braid is a great choice for every day, and the simple twist added makes it just a little bit better. This is ideal

One of my favorite ways to make my hair look unique and yet still feminine is to use this half-up waterfall braid. This simple style is beautiful, easy for anyone to create, and wears great throughout the day.

waterfall braid on back of blonde head

Half Up

Do you like wearing a ponytail but are just tired of the same old boring looks all the time? This half-French braided ponytail is going to be life-changing. A small section of hair is braided on top with the rest

After years of traveling the world, graphic designer Martijn Doolaard decided to find a remote location to call home.

Martijn Doolaard beside his two cabins in the Italian Alps.

Doolaard was looking for an adventure so he bought the property in Italy.

YouTube: @MartijnDoolaard

Fifteen years ago Martijn Doolaard worked

This egg carton reindeer is the perfect way to get your little ones excited about the Christmas season! It’s so simple, even young children can help make it. In fact, this is one of those projects even toddlers can do

A waterfall bubble braids hairstyle is an adorable addition to your hair routine. This is ideal for short, medium-length, or long hair. Since it can be adapted to your unique hair easily, it’s a great choice for anyone to wear.