A Cozy Christmas Table

As much as Christmas trees and pretty mantels are on repeat all season long- the star of the show on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is the dining room with a beautiful Christmas table. Even if

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It is day number 3 in our holiday table inspiration- and this is the last share before Thanksgiving- but is such an easy thing to do for all your holiday tables. This is inspired by a rustic fresh garland that

Perfect for Thanksgiving and all through the holiday season- today our table setting is inspired by this lit ornament garland that is absolutely charming on the table.

Lit Ornament Garland Centerpiece

There is nothing like a centerpiece full of ambiance

Oh these are so much fun to make! Charming little detailed cookies that are as pretty as they are delicious- we are talking about molded Christmas cookies today.

Molded Christmas Cookies

Anything that goes along with sweet little molds that

I have been inspired by this little chubby guy recently. From placing him on the coat to take center stage in the cottage- to placing him on the table to create a charming centerpiece. Todays post is all about how

A charming little fellow arrived the other day and inspired this autumn harvest coat.

Autumn Harvest Coat

Can you believe we are almost to October already? It seems like we just got started on a month full of colorful leaves